A fascination with the science and magic of the universe is what motivated the voracious curiosity that led to explore patterns between contemporary scientific claims and long held esoteric beliefs. Kamaneya, by Nayomie; (A deliberate variation of the Sanskrit Kamaniya kuh-muh-nee-yah) which literally translates to ‘Desirable', is a result of this exploration.

Kamaneya is closely associated with the Sacred Geometric symbol of the Sri Yantra: A graphic representation of the creation of the cosmos and all it's dimensions. Life, creation, math, the known and unknown universe are the basis for the brands aesthetic inspiration.


The mission of the brand is to share beautiful clothing and accessories that inspire and delight. Aimed at the cerebrally inclined woman, this line is perhaps a means to arouse her curiosity.  


Not wanting to be a designer who follows trends, Nayomie is driven by her spiritual and scientific perspective and strives to bring the confluence of both to fashion, science and spirituality. Herself, the daughter of clothing designers; The art and business of Design, has been a significant influence in her life. Her passion and conviction lead her to the UK where she pursued Textile and Fashion Design Management, and also to Milan, the pulsating capital of design, where she graduated Cum Laude with a Masters degree in Fashion Communication and PR.

While in Milan, she had the unique opportunity to work at a bespoke fashion consultancy; launching and promoting emerging talent. In Mumbai, Nayomie took to style journalism as contributing writer to fashion magazines and international blogs.

She is also a visiting teacher at Istituti Cagliari in her hometown.